Our Story

The Brand

Welcome to Ganiyu Fragrance. Fragrance directly affects one's mood, stress and cognitive functions. GANIYU fragrance was created out of a need to set the tone for not only the day but for life’s experiences. Too often we are rushed into existing whether it’s because of our family or work life but GANIYU fragrance is designed for you to take a minute for yourself so that you can always strive to show up as your best. The meaning of GANIYU is wealthy and self-sufficient so think of our product as a self reflection in a bottle.
Our premier fragrance Onto You is our gift to you. We designed it with you in mind from the highest quality ingredients to notes such as ylang ylang which is used to attain relaxation and combat feelings of anxiety. Onto You isn’t a beast mode fragrance. We would describe it as delicate so that it gives you the power to decide how to best show up.

The Founder

 Nimotalai Ganiyu is a trailblazing entrepreneur, visionary leader, and CEO of Ganiyu Fragrance. With roots in Nigeria and African American heritage, she embodies a unique blend of cultures and perspectives that has shaped her extraordinary journey.

Raised in Milwaukee, Nimotalai's upbringing instilled in her a strong desire to challenge the status quo and fearlessly pursue her dreams. She graduated from UCLA with a major in African American Studies and a minor in History, while co-founding her media company, Top Five, focused on mental health and inequalities within collegiate athletics.

Nimotalai's career took off when she joined forces with business and marketing trailblazer Bozoma Saint John, serving as her executive and personal assistant. This experience equipped her with exceptional organizational skills and a resilient mindset, propelling her into artist management.

Driven by a passion for the African Diaspora, her love for fragrance, and mental health advocacy, Nimotalai seeks to make a positive impact. As CEO of Ganiyu Fragrance, she has created a brand that transcends scents, inviting individuals to reflect and elevate their experiences. Inspired by the name's meaning, "wealthy and self-sufficient," Ganiyu Fragrance empowers individuals to show up as their best selves

Nimotalai Ganiyu's remarkable journey, from humble beginnings to the helm of a groundbreaking brand, showcases her determination, entrepreneurial spirit, and commitment to empowering others. Through her work, she redefines boundaries, inspires change, and leaves an indelible mark on the world.