About Us


The Brand:

Ganíyù means wealthy ~ wealth in culture, wealth in wellness, wealth in fragrance

Our mission is to modernize the way you elevate your mood and emotions by using fragrance to enrich experiences of the world around you. 

For Ganíyù, wealth is all around us; it’s in our culture (arts and traditions), in our wellness (how we honor our bodies, spirits + minds) and of course in our fragrances (a self reflection ina bottle) which enables us to choose how we would like to show up in our lives.

The Founder:

Nimotalai Ganiyu is a trailblazing entrepreneur, visionary leader, and CEO of Ganíyù Fragrance. With roots in Nigeria and African American heritage, she embodies a unique blend of cultures and perspectives that has shaped her extraordinary journey. She graduated from UCLA with a major in African American Studies and a minor in History, while co-founding her media company, Top Five which focused on mental health and inequalities within collegiate athletics. 

Driven by a passion for the African Diaspora, her love for fragrance, and mental health advocacy, Nimotalai seeks to make a positive impact. As founder and CEO of GaniyuFragrance, she has created a brand that transcends scents, inviting individuals to reflect and elevate their own experiences. 

Inspired by her surname’s meaning of wealth, Ganíyù Fragrance empowers individuals to show up as their best selves. Through her work, she redefines boundaries, inspires change, and leaves an indelible mark on the world.